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Sai Is My Master Key By Devotee Ashima

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Sunday, July 24, 2011


When we worship Baba ,invoking Him by our constant contemplation upon His glories ,our mind is cut loose from its fanciful attachments to the to the pluralistic world.When the mind is turned towards the Higher ,through our earnest identification with His glories ,the Truth that is already within us unveils and revels Itself.

Sai is not separate from us ,He is already present as the Illuminator behind every thought in us.Ere long,indeed  very quickly as soon as the mind is hushed , Truth (His powers) is recovered just like a lost key having been long sought for in futile excitement ,is at last discovered in one's own pocket .

The key (Sai) was already there,but not being aware of its presence the owner searched in vain everywhere ,in the same way Sai is with us all the time but we do not know it and only when we invoke Him ,we experience Baba with us ..

Read this experience of Ashima and you can relate this with my opening note because she also lost her key (sai) many times but ultimately she recovered that she has the master key with her all the time and now with the help of this master key (Sai) she has opened all the doors which takes her near to Baba .Ashima thanks for sharing this experience ,infact in my next post I will post another experience of Ashima .

Allaha Malik

Dear Priyanka didi,

First of all how are you ? I hope you are in best of health and spirits.Since a long time I wanted to write about how Baba came and changed my life but I could not make out time for it today I got rid of my laziness and wrote this please publish this in your blog and feel free to edit it.I have written it in parts, because it would be very long if I composed it as a single piece, this is the first one.Hope to soon write other parts also.

Baba’s presence in my life

Baba keeps showing His miracles in our daily life thus increasing our faith in him. Earlier Baba and
I had an off and on relation….always on from His side and off from my side.As far as I remember in
this birth I was introduced to him first time at the age of 9.

I guess at that time I didn’t knew who He was…then again we were introduced in 2004 when I was in 9th class my mom told me how Sai Baba saved my Grandpa while he was in I.C.U at that mom was new to Baba as  well so even after the miracle

She challenged Baba of His existence…she said in her mind that I would believe that you exist only if I see
you , so my mom started walking on a straight road suddenly her eyes fell on this stand in the middle of
road and on which Baba's poster was pasted now my mom assured of His existence again started walking
just after 4-5 steps the desire to see Baba again, came in her heart so she retraced her path and now
but now there was no poster of Baba...where did that poster vanished within five minutes ????

Whenever I used think when I first met Baba I thought it was 2004 but actually over a period of time
I forced my mind than this picture came into mind a white big idol of Baba near a beach where I as a
child is sitting in front of Him…suddenly I realized that I have been to same kind of temple when I was
in Chennai at age of 9 but I was not sure thinking it as piece of my imagination but then I searched for
temples of Baba in Chennai and came to know that temple was Injambakkam temple of Baba located
near bay of Bengal with huge white idol of baba made of marble… ditto same as what came in my
mind….remarkable isn’t it Baba reminded me himself when I first met him.

After 2004 I again got busy with my life forgot about Baba then in 2009 when I was in my second year of
engg. One fine Thursday my junior i.e. first year student came to me she brought with her Sai Baba Vrat
Katha she wanted me to read that to her as she was not feeling well so I started reading it to her, as I
read it, Baba pulled me towards Him so I decided that from now onwards I will also keep this Vrat. Now
when I look back it was not a mere coincidence but a planned action of Baba.

Gradually Baba started building my trust and faith on him as he fulfilled my desires and I was obviously
content. Though I trusted Baba and respected Him but during that time you could not call me as a true
devotee but a selfish one. Like this a year and a half passed. Now I was less selfish than before and
instead of always asking I become a grateful to Baba for everything.

Now our love was no longer one sided I also started to reciprocate a bit. Than in October 2010 my life hit a rock bottom and I was devasted.All I used to do was cry and I couldn’t sleep at that time Baba was my only support I used to sit in my home temple and just used to search about Him. Gradually I started reading a lot about him I experienced a love for Him that I never did mind was restless all the time and found peace only when it thought about Baba. During those 3 months I stop talking to anyone I started to see my flaws with the blessings of Baba and tried to correct them it was then Baba put me on the right track.

Now I know that one doesn’t become devotee overnight it takes time to build faith and I have also
realized that god makes you go through testing times not because he doesn’t love you but because
He wants you to love Him back. Only He knows when to call you, so instead of worrying as we all do if
something is not going right just love Him back Sai Baba is greedy for His children love and he will surely
take care of all your tensions.

So coming back whenever I think when I first met Baba I used to think it was 2004 but actually over a
period of time I forced my mind than this picture came into mind a white big idol of Baba near a beach
where I as a child is sitting in front of him…suddenly I realized this is the same temple I went when I was
in Chennai at age of 9.but thinking it as an imagination and in order to prove I searched at your website for
temples of Baba in Chennai

Now coming back to my experiences in my day to day life there are plethora of Baba’s miracles some I
don’t remember and that I do I am writing here actually from a long time it was overdue. Finally Baba
wants me to do write these experiences.

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