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Baba's Locket Re gifted By Baba - Devotee Amit

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, August 04, 2011

          Happy Baba's Day and also Happy Nagpanchami !!!

Baba is our ultimate destination ,He offers security of life to all beings then also He never regard anything as His possession .Baba offers selfless love to all His devotees .

I am sure all Sai devotees read Sai Satcharitra with lots of respect and love for Baba but have you ever thought that how Baba lived His life when he was in human body ...Yes !! for sure we all know as how Sai behaved in this world when He was one among us but sometimes we just don't pay any attention when it comes to follow the same rules(teachings) in our daily dealings.Nonetheless this next paragraph will add few brush strokes to this topic.

Baba was completely free from egoism .He was always even minded in pain and pleasure .Baba remain supremely unaffected even when abused .Steadfast in His meditation ,self controlled and firm in His resolve .Baba lived joyfully but His mind and intellect was always centered in the Lord.

Lesson to be learned from this :- 

We should also surrender our ego at His divine feet and celebrate silence no matter what other person is saying about us .We should always thank Baba for everything we face in this life no matter pain or gain because anyhow our body is like a rented accommodation  so don't consider it as you permanent house and be always prepared to shift ..In a nut shell " love Baba more then your own self ".

Being the social creatures we indulge in various types of activities but even then our mind should always be concentrated on Sai.By following these small steps we can get the guarantee card from Baba for our happy and safe life .

Now I am publishing a very beautiful and real Sai leela experienced by Amit brother ,I am sure my regular and loyal readers knows Amit ji very well as time and again he comes forward to share his experiences with all of us for which I am extremely thankful to him .(In case if you have missed Amit brothers previous  experience than kindly read HERE)

Every leela of Sai is so beautiful that we as humans can never understand His magical ways ...Read this experience and feel the power of His love

Hi Priyankaji,
Thank you for posting my experience which I shared earlier. You are doing very good and noble job which shows correct path  ..make us good human being,increase our faith  and bring us close to our Baba. May baba bless you and all his devotees. Kindly help to post my below

Koti Koti pranam to our Sai baba who is so kind and always helps their devotees during difficult time.

In 2010, My parents went to Shirdi. I asked them to bring two Sai baba Pendants from there - one for my son and another for my daughter. We got the pendants from them when they visited us in Singapore. It was
my daughter birthday and in morning after the Puja After putting in thread, we put pendants on my daughters and son necks.

In evening my family went to Sai temple for baba darshan. I joined them around 1 hour late and then I came to know that the Saibaba pendent was missing from my daughter neck and thread was remaining. As Pendent was small and hall was crowded, my parents and wife tried to search but could not find it neither they very sure that if it has fallen down outside the temple.

I was sad and feeling really bad as it was my Daughter birthday also.I was in darshan queue and continuously praying in mind baba you always help for good thing....I do not know but you will have to give me pendent back- Sai. I bowed to Sai baba then took aarti (keeping hand above lamp) and turned back. It was a big-2 surprise I saw a devotee just in front of me, he picked something from carpet and
holding it with thumb/fingers (posture - as he is giving it to me).Indeed it was the lost Pendant. I was overwhelmed by baba grace and kripa.

Sai naath maharaj ki jai…he is so kind and always listen to his devotees.

Sathguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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Gaurav on June 5, 2012 at 1:23 PM said...

Whatever is asked shall be provided...

Allah Malik hai.

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