Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Udi Packets Directly From Baba - Significance,meaning, free service and experience

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sairam ,
We all know that none can visit Shirdi with out His wish nor anyone can leave Shirdi without His permission .Yes its very true and have been evident many times by millions of devotees .But one thing which is certain to happen when you go to Shirdi - our spritual upliftment .

The moment you reach Shirdi you get awed by the aura of a great saint (God Sai ) who charmed and ennobled the lives of millions of devotees and continuous to do even after so many years since He has left His human body .

Each devotee who goes to Shirdi comes back with a different experience (your experience in Shirdi totally depends upon your Faith in Baba ) to cherish it for the life time .

My todays post is on Udi (Vinhoti ) but before I share the experience of Mano I would like to put a little light on Baba and His miraculous Udi .


Baba always kept  a fire burning 24 hours a day called Dhini (sacred fire) although Sai left this human body in 1918 but this sacred fire is still burning in Shirdi and  the ash of this fire is called Udi which is well know to have miracolous powers .Read devotees experienecs with the greatness of Udi .

Significance of Udi :-

Dear readers have you ever thought that what Baba teach us with this Udi ? Baba taught by this Udi that all the visible phenomena in this universe are as transient as the ash .Our bodies which are made up of five elements will fall down after all the enjoyments are over and reduced to ashes.

So in order to remind the devotees of the fact that ,their bodies will be reduced to ashes ,Baba distributed Udi to them .Baba also taught by Udi that the Brahma is the only reality and the universe is ephemeral ,so one one in this whole world may it be wife, children,parents or husband ,is really ours .We have come to this world alone and we will go from here alone .

Udi with his magicical powers has cured many physical and mental maladies .Sai use to give Udi as prasad to His devotees .Even when  Baba use to be in cheerful mood He use to sing merrily one such song about Udi ..

रमते राम आओजी आओजी ! 
उदिया की गोनिया लाओजी !!

Meaning of this song was :- "Oh playfull Ram come come and bring with you sacks(bundles) of Udi .Sai use to sing this in a very clear and tender tones.

So besides the spritual implications of udi ,it also had its material significance .It conferred  health ,prosperity ,freedom from anxity and many other worldly gains ,So udi helps us to gain both our ends- material as well as spritual .

Oh!!!what should I write more Baba's leelas ,He is great you know He has just showed me one more miracles attached to Udi ,you all are aware that I send free Udi to those who ask for it from me but since past one month or so even I was left with very little Udi ,so I was getting very tensed and uncomfortable as what will I reply to those devotees who send me mails with hopes ...anyhow  after finishing my Aarti I requested Baba to help me get some Udi packets soon not for self but for those devotees who are in need of it .

After this I sat on my computer to make this post and opened my Facebook account which had this message "Om Sai Ram if anyone wants Baba's Udi prasad from Sai Shirdi then please contact me with full home address and phone number" WHAT WILL YOU CALL THIS JUST A COINCIDENT OR PROOF OF BABA'S PRESENCE ??

I certainly call it a proof from Baba that He is with us all the time and taking care of our all good desires ,specially those desires which we have to help others !!So I must say that you all are highly blessed reading this post because you can get FREE UDI from Shirdi just by sending mail to Mahesh Shinde Ji at this email address:-

I am highly thankful to Mahesh Shinde bahiya who took this initiative of sending free Udi to all Baba's devotees ,I think Mahesh ji deserves many thanks from you all also .

Now I am attaching Mano brother's mail which will further further increase you faith in  Baba and His existence will be proofed without doubt .So read this wonderful Sai leela with a promise to self that if ever you had or will have experience with Sai then you will also share with all of us like Mano ji and hundred of other devotees do ,because sharing experiences is no less then doing Sai seva..

Mano ji's mail :-

Sairam Priyanka ,

One of my friend recommended me your website on Baba and I went through some of Sai devotees experience and felt like being part of it by sharing my experiences in Shirdi which will be in my mind for the rest of my life and this leela has to be shared with as many devotees as possible...

Please help me in posting my experience with fellow Sai devotees...

Couple of years ago , I went to shirdi with my family. On  1st day we had three darshans of Sai and two of them I guess were aarthi darshans.

The next day all my family members had a plan to visit Nasik , trimbakeshwar etc but I was adamant and wanted to stay in Shirdi and has as many darshans as possible.

 This is quite obvious for me as my purpose of visiting Shirdi is to visit only Baba and nothing else... after arguing with me for sometime they realised and went on to Nasik.

 At around 9:30 AM I went into temple premises and started having Baba's darshans , I was continuously having Baba darshan till 4:30 or so , I had 5 darshans on that day alone and one among them as madhyan aarthi...

but all this while I was looking for Baba's udi , to my strange I couldnt see it anywhere and I didnt get the idea of asking anybody about it( guess Baba didnt want me to miss this opportunity of his leela here)

 When I was in middle of the queue , I was just praying within myself that "Baba , its been two days till now and I couldnt get your udi and to me that is the only prasad I want .

please show me a way to get ample udi so that I can take home" .

Now here starts the real Sai Leela... on the day before we had seen a physically handicapped employee of Shirdi temple and he happened to come across us .

we had exchanged a simple smile on that day and it was all over.. the next day just I finished praying Baba for udi , I happened to see him again in the queue distributing water to all the devotees who were in the queue.

 once again we exchanged smiles and I crossed over him , just after 10 steps , a hand patted me on my shoulder , when I turned back , I saw him with 5-6 packs of udi in his hand , he just kept them in hand and went straight away , there were no exchange of words between us .

others who were standing in queue didnt knew whats happening and for a moment even I couldnt get what happened , slowly my eyes turned blur with tears of joy , only I know what happened just now , and no body else .

 I was enjoying myself crying in the queue silently , I was on clound nine , I desparately wanted to share this to my family members who are away and missed this Sai leela

.. I finally had Baba's beautiful darshan, I didnt  know even what to ask for? He had shown me such a grace which made me silent and with scarecity of words ...

 probably one of my most unforgetable days in my life... I came out , had darshan on that day for 5 times and what else I need.... I went to guest house , waiting for my family to come , they came and I didnt even asked how their trip was . I told them whole story and they couldnt believe what happened but they can see that in my eyes and I was just like a child who got his candy from his mom as  a surpise gift... BABA has been with me all these years and will remain with me for the rest of my life...

Om Sai Ram..

Om Sai  Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai..

Let baba show us the path and all we have to do is to just blindly follow him..


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Gokuldas on May 12, 2012 at 8:13 AM said...

Jai Sai Ram,
It was very heartening to read your experiences at Shirdi and how you obtained udi etc! True, such experiences of others when narrated give other Sai devotees enormous hope & optimism in the prsent day crisis- ridden world. thanks so much.
Gokuldas Kumar.M

Gaurav on June 4, 2012 at 5:37 PM said...

Mano Ji,

I think it was all baba's leela to send others to nasik so that you can have your much desired darshan 5 times. Even they would have got their own share of punya..(good deed) by going to Nasik..Each one gets what they the kingdom of the lord.....

It was also baba's wish that he wanted to give you Udi..himself...which is great. Seeing your true bhakti baba showd his miracle and increased your faith...

Om Sai ram....Allah Malik hai.

anurajasekar on August 7, 2012 at 12:16 PM said...

I loudly Praise My Sai...
I bow and fall before You Sai.
I Love You...
He made my husband stand confident and back to office after major brain surgery . I kept 9 week vrat.
Now my vrat is continued till my life on this earth.
Hold our hands.
you are everything my Sai.
You are my Sai Shakthi.
Sai Balaji.
Sai Sai Sai every where...
Was away all our sins.
I am like a mustard in the ocean of ur devotee.

Anonymous said...

mene udi ke liye msg kiya tha 2 nov ko.av tak udi ni aayi.kab tak aygi?

ruby on June 29, 2016 at 7:35 PM said...

I want some Udi. Is it possible to get. Please reply me what I will have to do for that.

Abhilash Thakre on July 17, 2016 at 10:54 AM said...


nitisha saha on February 15, 2017 at 10:47 PM said... name iş nitisha saha....can u plz send me udi as I m in urgent need..

Unknown on March 19, 2017 at 2:45 PM said...

Om sai ram...

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