Friday, August 12, 2011

Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Is Miraculous - Devotee Shiva

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Friday, August 12, 2011

Sairam ,
We know that many Sai devotees around the world have been benefited by doing Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat.Its needless to write that its a very powerful and miraculous Vrat but the intensity of its power is directly co related with your faith in Baba .Anyone can do this Vrat without any restrictions of age,caste,gender or religion.Any Baba's day is suitable for starting this Vrat .

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Now I am publishing Shiva brothers experience with this miraculous Sai Varat.I would also like to thank him for sharing this nice experience with us .You can also share your experience with us on Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat by just sending me one mail on (saipriya.rautela@gmaildotcom),incase if you have any questions about the vrat than kindly leave your comment at the end of this post ..Allaha Malik

Sairam ,

I bow down and I offer my gratitude to the holy Master for giving me this opportunity to share my experience:

Baba came into my life when I was in great troubles in my life. Baba has protected me and my family members from lots of troubles and unnecessary situations in our life.

 Most of the time we were not aware of what is happening in our lives. My faith towards the Master would be wavering sometimes but somehow Baba would bring me back on track.

Out of the many miracles I would like share this one (Miracle Of Nav Guruwar Vrath):

This was during the days when due some personal reasons I had left my job hoping that I would get a better job as the current one .First two months I was very hopeful that I would get a good job very soon but all my applications got rejected where ever  I had applied .

I started praying to Baba requesting Him to get me a Job as early as possible. Days passed but there were no signs of me getting a job. Situations began to worsen as my parents also started worrying about my future.

Adding  more to that my dad met with an accident due my stupidity.

I was totally helpless with no money in hands. Due to the support of some good friends of Dad and good relatives of mine we could move on with the situation.

All this while my sister was doing the 9 Thursday's vrats which I was not aware . She did all eight fasts but she was not able complete the last Thursday vrat as we were all with my dad in the hospital .

 But due to Baba's grace everything got settled well and my dad recovered very quickly and started walking as earlier without any pain.

On the last Thursday when  my sister finished the last vrat I got a call from two companies on the same Thursday(it was a great miracle otherwise why I never got any calls from any company all these months  and why  I received the call on the udhyapan day of my sisters Guruwar vrat) As per every body's suggestion I chose to join the one which was Baba's choice also.

From that time onwards I started feeling the presence of Baba wherever I go.
When I joined this new company just with in four months  I was sent to the U.S for a  project work. Here to the greatest of my surprise I made a very good friend who is also an ardent Sai devotee who used to take me to  Sai temple on every Thursdays.In fact Baba gifted me many  new friends who all are Sai devotees .

So I would like to tell all my Sai devotee friends that this Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Is really miraculous if done with faith .Once again I offer my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to my Master Sai, to my sister who did this varat for my job  and all those people who had helped us in our difficult situations.
May Sai shower His blessings on all of us.

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Anonymous said...

you are lucky were blessed by SAI..SAI is not blessing me..
i started this vrath wishing sai to get me married to R, my father know how much i love R, still he has started searching for was almost fixed..i don't know what happens next. waiting with faith in sai that he will never leave me crying..if my father gets me married to someone else i am going to die...

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is the first time i happened to read this blog and am really thankful to the owner of this blog for posting about Baba and the experiences of Baba's devotees.Thank you so munch mam.Usually i hardly read the comments posted by the people in the blogs,but today i guess its been ordered by Baba that i have to read the posts in this blog.I happened to read the above comment posted by Anonymous person.I would like to share my experience in short here which is almost the same above.I also loved a person so much and wanted to marry only him.He is a very good frd of me.We met each other online after 7 long years.When i met him,he was in very bad situations.He almost lost every thing in his life and was losing hope day by day.I used to talk to him,console him and used to encourage him.From good frds we became close frds.We never knew that we started loving each other.My parents started searching for a gud match.I told my opinion to my parents abt him.My parents didn't agree and started to restrict me from talking to him.I decided like if am going to marry then its him else no one.I have no idea how to convince my parents.Tried telling my parents about him when ever i get to talk to them.They never bothered to show interest in what i say.I always used to be disturbed, unhappy.I used to go to pooja room in my home and cry infront of Baba and tell him how horrible i used to feel and used to ask me to free me from the pain am going thru.Then one morning i went to do Baba pooja as usual and I happened to see Sai Sacharitra which we had in our pooja room which was gifted to my mom by her office colleague.Without any intention i thought that i will start reading Sai SAcharitra from Thursday for 7 weeks.Also i decided to go to temple daily and do 40 pradashina as suggested in that book.I my self decided not to have any food after 6 pm every day till i complete 7 weeks.With shradha and bakthi and more trust on Sai i started reading sacharitra and with complete faith in him i completed 7 weeks.People who trust Sai will never suffer and never need to think twice.People who trust Sai think of starting something then Baba himself will come with us and make us complete that successfully.One month after the completion of my 7 weeks Sacharitra parayan with Baba's blessing i got married to the person i loved.Every thing happened like a miracle. Jai Sai Ram.Its Baba's krupa that he guided me to do Sacharitra parayan.Even today I feel like its been decided by Baba that i have to marry him that's the reason he made me to notice Sacharitra book in my home and made me read it.It was almost 6 to 7 years that we had that book in our house and i never even bother to open that book.Am really happy marrying the person i love and this is the life which Baba gifted me.There are many such experiences in my life.Daily in one or other instance Baba makes me realize that he is always there with me,guide me and protect me.

So please trust in Sai.Have faith in him.Leave rest to him.He will give u what u wanted.

Am really thankful to Baba for giving me an opportunity to share my experience here in this blog.I hope after reading my experience u will understand how Baba bless his devotees.U trusted Baba and did vrath.very soon u will see the miracle.Never ever loose hope.


Prathiba on April 19, 2012 at 2:01 PM said...

oh sainath i firmly believe there is none kinder than you to shower grace on me ...
i had lot of experiences in my life where i felt my baba's presence in difficult situations how he helped & saved us in our daily life ..
about sai nav guruvar vrat i cannot express in my words how baba fulfils our desire ... & brings happiness to us . It is amasing ! i regularly observe this fast .. this is my fourth time im doing ..after doing it i feel to do many times im completing my nine thursday days fast .. i am sure my sainath lord of lords surely fulfil my desire .. with prayers .............. prathibha

Anonymous said...

I was also worried regarding my marriage with the guy whom I love. There is no against from my parents but there was fight betweent my guy and my dad & brother so they not accepting now. Fortunately I had selected this website and wish to read the comments. When I read the big experience by devotee by doing 7weeks SSC pranayam, I got a big hope that I will also start doing for 7weeks continuously so that baba will bless me also to marry my guy and live a happy life throughout.

Gaurav on June 20, 2012 at 4:18 PM said...

Sai baba always does what is best for us. Sometimes in life if you can't get someone as your life partner after a lot of praying, then there would be some reason behind it. Somethings are generally fixed and so is marriage. GOD would only change that if the change is going to benefit you. The better thing to do is to keep patience. Love does develop if your life partner is good. Its better to leave these things in the hands of god and whetever he does would ultimately be good for you. About this I am quite sure.

-- Om sai ram.

Anonymous said...

I Am in love with one guy, whom I chat everyday.
He is treating me just as a friend, I am doing this sai baba 9 thrusday vrat, i have compelted 2 weeks. Please people pray for me, pray for me getting married to a person I love...

Anonymous said...

Om sai ram to Priyanka ji and all sai dvoties

I have also started Sai baba's 9 thursday vrat and have also started reading shri sai satcharit as per my capability coz i read this shri sai satcharit in the office as i saved the pdf file on my computer. Even i started the written naam jaap of Shri Sai Nath daily i write 2 pages or more and say sai naam full day with full devotion. I am doing this vrat with full devotion as i do have faith on sai that he will surely fulfill my desire as i also love a guy who is christian and i am hindu and the reaction of my parents is as usual against. I also tried a lot to convince my parents a lot several times but they are not ready. I am feeling very helpless in my self. There is no one with whom i can take help or i can share my pain. Only baba is the last hope for me, during this worst situation i received the sai vrat book from my sister. I thought that sai also want to help me that why he provided me the Sai vrth katha book. Now his parents wants him to get him married with some other girl. I am very much desperate for him. I am praying to Sai baba from the bottom of my heart to please get me marry to the one i love a lot. I have completed my 2nd Thursday on 16th August 2012 successfully. And i do have faith on him that he will listen to my prayers one day when he feels that my prayers are pure. Priyanka ji please suggest me will it be ok if i read this holy book in my office? One mistake i did that i didn't read the 11 and 15 chapter of this holy book daily as this is recommended to read daily. but now i started when i completed the 12th chapter yesterday only. Om Sai Ram Please Sai listen my prayers also i will surely come to Shirdi for your Darshan with him only. Please do some miracle in my life baba please.

Om Sai Ram
Sabka Malik Ek

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful stories. These comments gave me hope and made me believe that if you trust Baba anything is possible. I am also going through a similar situation. The father of the person that I love is dead against of our marriage. A miracle has to happen for him to agree. I hope Baba changes his mind and blesses us. om Sai Ram. I think I will also start the 9 vrat. Wish me luck guys! Om Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...

hii it z so nice to know about how ppl love shree sai,i just have to say that even i had dicided to fast fr babaji bt my 9 thursdays r over and since my wish z nt yet fulfilled m still keeping fasts and hv dicided to do udyapan only after babaji blesses me and fulfill my wishes...i hope m doin rite....jai sai raam

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram to all

This is Maya. Yesterday on 11.10.2012 i completed my sai nav guruvar vrat and i did udyapan also i have provided food (khichdi) to lot of poor people. It was really a great feeling when i was doing that. Now m only waiting with positive hope that baba will fulfill my wish soon and get me married with the one i love more than my life.

Anonymous said...

Hi ..can we eat non veg during vrat..not on Thursday.. Other days im asking ..during those 2 months pls say sairam

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