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Baba Makes Your Plans Successful - Devotee Ganesh

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, September 07, 2011

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Sairam to all,
In this website you can read alot of experiences where the powers of Dr.Sai is being highlighted I can suggest few of my old posts on this topic which are as follow 1.Dr.Sai -World's Most Specialized Doctor 2.Udi is our lifeguard .3.Sai cured breast cancer etc .In-fact my own daughter Saina was also opertaed by Sai himself (read here ).Dr.Sai is the most specialized doctor of the universe .Let me put some light as how Baba started all this before sharing Ganesh brothers experience.

Earlier Baba use to give herbal medicines to sick people but He sometimes adopted unconventional methods  to cure His devotees .For example once a devotee came to Him with a diseased eye ,Baba pulled out his eyeball ,cleaned it and reinserted the same.Truly a surgical feat unheard of anywhere in the world .Infact if a patient had no one to look after him ,Baba acted as his nurse and took care of Him .

Later Baba gave up this practice of giving medicines and distributed His miraculous Udi .When people asked the reason for this change then Sai replied that "I used to give medicine before but thereafter gave up everything and went on chanting the name of Hari just by the careless muttering of the holy name I became Hari ".

There are countless experiences where Baba's Udi has saved people from the incurable diseases  . Udi is a very miraculous medicien avaiable free of cost and cures all kinds of dieses .If you wish to read Udi Mantra with meaning then go here .

My todays post is just matching with this opening note and will again proof the power of Sai Udi .This experience is shared by my very dear brother Ganesh ,who is not only a very loyal reader of this Sai website but also a very dedicated devotee who leaves no experience un-shared .Ganesh brother thanks alot for sharing your wonderful experiences with all of us .

Sairam sister Saipriya ji:

Can you  please publish my recent experience (given below ) in your website.Thanks for your help and I also want to tell you that you are doing wonderful service.


Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai

Dear SAI Devotees:

I am happy to share my recent experience where Sai ,as blessed me with my Prayers.

Since I am looking for a Job, we had decided to do abhishekam  for our God at our home village (which is 25 Kilometers from Kumbakonam which is 200 Kilometers from Chennai).

We had made all the arrangements for the travel ,stay and the plan was to leave on Thursday(1st Sep) and return by Sunday (4th Sep).

Suddenly on 30th July I developed very high fever and also got boil on my right eye. We were worried about our trip as I was feeling weak and also got pain all over my body.

I Prayed to Sai that my fever should reduce and Sai should give my enough strength to undertake the travel.  I applied UDI twice a day on my forehead and also drank water mixed with UDI twice a day.  I was continuously praying to Sai that he should guide us and bless us to undertake the travel.

I also took a Oath that after our successful trip , I would write my experience in the Sai website and share with Sai devotees.

By Thursday mornig I was getting back to normalcy and went ahead with the trip.When we reached Kumbakonam and got down from the Train,  the first Picture that struck me was Sai Photo in a railway shop.  I was very happy at that moment ,I felt as if Baba is showing His presence with us .

With His blessings we had wonderful Dharsan at our home village and also were able to visit several Key temples in and around Kumbakonam.Baba listened to my prayers immediately and blessed me with good health and extremely wonderful darshans.

I Pray to SAI to bless all with Good health and Peace.

Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omai Omsai Omsai

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