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Why Fear When I Am Here - Experience By Devotee Ashima

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sairam ,
Firstly I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Sai Ganesh Chaturthi and along with a very blessed Baba's day .We all know that Baba said this line to all His devotees that "Why fear when I am here " and believe me its so true ,when we look deeply in our day to day life we will be able to feel as how Baba save us from thousands of problems and how He bless us with whatever we desire .Sometimes out of self ego we want to put the feather  of success on our cap but it should not be done .No matter how big or small the achievement is but we should always thank Sai for that because He is the one who is doing all that and we are just enjoying the result of His blessings .

Sai is our real mother as she always wards off all kinds of dangers and problems from Her children .Baba is highly merciful .We can enjoy this type of happy life just by having unshakable Faith on Sai.Once your Faith is developed you will feel His presence every second as even said by Baba also that "My eye of Vigilance and Supervision is ever on those who has Faith on me ."

We should always keep Baba in our mind in whatever we do or where ever we may be.We must meditate on Him , repet His name,sing His deeds and by doing this slowly we will transform into Him fully .But at the same time we should leave our Ego at His holy feet .We should always have truth with us all the time ,having truth means having Sai with you !!!

Today on Baba's day I am publishing a very nice experience of Ashima sister with all of you ,I am sure you all remember Ashima sister because earlier also she had shared many experiences with us .Her this experience is a hard proof of Baba's presence while she was attending her campus interview without any preparations.This shows us as how Baba removes anxiety,fears and misfortunes to bring hope and cheer into His devotees life.
Ashima my hearty thanks to you for being so regular in posting your experiences with all of us ,we value your hard work and dedication .
Allaha Malik

Dear priyanka di,
I am sharing few of my Baba's experiences,kindly publish them in your website for other Sai bandhu's.

In jan 2011 I was in 8th semester of my engineering  and was eligible for college campus placement .I had already missed 2 opportunities because of my industrial training as I was out of town .Finally on 13 January
2011,Thursday a very good company visited my college campus I was very apprehensive going for
the test because I felt I was not well prepared for it but my friends persuaded me to just give a try
and get experience .

I reluctantly was my Guruvar vrat that day. early in the morning we left for the college.I was sure I will not be selected because out 300+ student only 30 vacancies were there.First round was the aptitude test in which majority of students are filtered out I was dead sure that  wouldn't qualify it , but it was miracle of Baba that my name was announced I was taken by surprise because none of my friends who were better in studies than me qualified .

Then it was the technical interview round. I thought by grace of Baba although I have cleared the first round but I am not at all technically sound they will surely reject me. I saw my lucky Saibaba photo(I gave it to my
friends as well who were not selected in this test and when the next company came they were also
selected and now have become firm devotee of Baba )and read saicharitra while rest of students
were preparing for the technical interview.finally my turn came the interviewer who was allotted to
me asked tough question to the students before me but to my utter surprise he asked me general
things and only about the topic that I was comfortable with.then when he asked me am I nervous I
showed him my saicharitra then he told me he is also Sai Baba bhakt.I cleared that round also it was
all due to Sai Baba it seemed everything was planned by Baba.

Then the third round came. That day I returned back at 11 in the night I had eaten nothing since the morning but Baba gave me so much strength that I didn’t feel hungry throughout that day the results were supposed to be declared the next day 14 January 2011 Makar Sakranti day.

Earlier during the end of 2010 I prayed Baba that my this year hasn't been so good till now butt I want you to start my New Year 2011 with a good news.1st January passed uneventful so I felt bit disappointed. Then on 14th January  2011 when results were declared I was selected because of Baba and then I realized that it is makar sakranti actually New Year is today .Baba gave me what I asked.Now I am very sure that Baba bless us with our innermost desires but at the same time He knows when to give what we want ,at the right time He gives us the right thing .Sai I am very thankful to you for been so kind and loving .

Sathguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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Urvi on September 6, 2011 at 10:22 PM said...

Om Sai Ram Ashima, I had a same experience many times during my job Interview or immigration interview. BABA is always with His Devotees so why worried, right? May BABA Bless you
Om Sai Ram

Urvi on September 6, 2011 at 10:24 PM said...

Om Sai Ram

dhanya said...

I want to learn about sai baba and his teachings. Going through a very tough patch in life. Please help me, Ms Priyanka. my email is

Gaurav on June 5, 2012 at 2:08 PM said...

I am having a sort of interview today...I am sure baba will help me and whatever be the result of this meeting....will be good for me.

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