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The Apostles Of Shirdi Sai Baba - Upasani Baba (Part -III)

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Friday, October 14, 2011

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One day Upasani had a vision in which Baba came up to him in some mysterious place and sat in front of him .He asked Upasani to come near him saying : I am going to give you upadesh ."As Upasani was trying to approach Baba a dark and dirty person behind Upasani ,exactly like him ,pulled him back and said "Do not listen to guru but listen to me. "This interruption took place twice .Then Baba got up ,seized that dark person behind Upasani and placed him on a pile of faggots and burnt him ."Baba its is me you are burning ."After completely burning the dark person Baba turned to Upasani and said yes that was you no doubt .But you were in the sin form ,namely papa rupa ,I have destroyed them now you are free from all your sin.By our united efforts there ate many things to be achieved in the future .How can that be done if sin remains ?"

Baba told Upasani at one time : "I will take away half of your head and give you half of my own ."Upasani then had a vision in which some ruffians cut off his head,scooped the brain and ate the contents and ran away .In another vision Baba took him to a mysterious place and showed him a heap of silver rupees ,225 feet long and 120 feet wide and four feet high .Over this was a princely bed on which sat a  richly dressed and gaily ornamented person .Baba asked Upasani to see that man ."Who is he ?"asked Upasani ."It is you " Baba said "your body of sin has gone .That papa purushra has gone this is your punya purusha ."Then pointing to the hoards of rupees Baba said :" There are hundreds and thousands of houses filled with rupees .All these are ours.You will come to know all this by yourself ."

Upasani asked Baba "If this figure is my punya purusha and the other figure that you destroyed was my papa purusha then who am I ?" Baba replied "Your are beyond these two ,beyond papa and punya .That which constitutes me constitutes you .That is ,you are myself .There is no difference between you and me ."

Baba declared himself to be the one Iswara ,the Antaryami of all and he wanted his disciples to realise he was their Ishta Devta or God and find him and feel him in every creature .One day Upasani was cooking his food at Khandoba temple ,He wanted to take it to Baba and get the prasad from him .While he was cooking a black dog was watching him and it followed him when Upasani left for the mosque with the food .It disappeared after some distance .Upasani thought that it was sacrilegious to give food to the dog before Baba had partaken of it .But when he met Babahe asked :"why have you come?" "To bring you my naivedya ," said Upasani ,Baba said :"Why did you come all the way in the sun ?I was there ". Upasani said"There was no one except a black dog ." Baba told him :"I was that black dog .So as you refused to give me food there I am not going to take this food ."Upasani  returned rejected .Next day he was determined not to commit the same mistake .He was looking for a black dog as he was cooking his food but did not find any .However as he proceeded with his cooking he noticed a sick person leaning against a wall and watching him .Upasani asked him to go away as it was improper for a low caste man to look om when a Brahmin was preparing his food .The man left .When Upasani met Baba with the food he found him angry .Baba said :"Yesterday you did not give me food and today you told me to go away ," Upasani asked :"where were you ,Baba?" Baba said:"I was leaning against that wall."Surprised Upasani asked :"Could that sickly person be you ? Baba said :"yes ,I am in everything and beyond ."It was a problem for Upasani and for many others to understand Baba being a dog or low caste man but through Baba's grace Upasani learnt this lesson .

When Upasani came to shirdi in june 1911 he came as a grihasta in such a broken down condition and in such a mood as to warrant his giving up the ashram and developing into a sanyasi or avadhuta ,working as a man of God for the benefit of humanity .That was what Sai Baba  intended to make of him .He wanted him to be a Sathguru and asked him to stay in Shirdi for four years .He did not allow him to visit his house in Satana nor permit his third wife to see him in shirdi .....TO BE CONTINUED >>>>>>>

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