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The Apostles Of Shirdi Sai Baba - Das Ganu Maharaj (Part -I)

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, November 17, 2011


Happy Baba's Day to all my dear readers ,
As you all know that since past few months I am posting about the apostles of Sai Baba ,earlier I have posted almost everything about Upasani Baba and now from today onwards I am going to post all about Das Ganu maharaj .But before that I eagerly want to share a very miraculous incident happened with me yesterday and today .

Readers every month I send some money to Shirdi for food donations the amount of donation varies every month as sometimes I send 1000 rupees but sometimes when I spend more on poor people then I only send 101 rupees to Shirdi ,So in the month of October I had sent the money order of rupees 101 to Shirdi for food donations and also requested the sansthan to send me few packets of Udi as I was running too short of Udi since past many months as I distribute Udi to the required worldwide .

In return of my donation I received one small packet of Udi and prasad almost two weeks ago and I was  satisfied fully with it but Sai again fulfilled my inner desire and yesterday I received a courier from the Shirdi Sai sansthan which carried a huge packet of Udi (almost 250gm ) ...I was so surprised because I never ever saw such a huge packet of Udi before and that also for the same donation of 101 rupees for which I had  already received what I requested ...then where did this one arrived from and that also with a slip of donation.

I received huge two packets of Udi from Baba 

Anyhow I was very happy because for a Sai devotee what can be a bigger gift then Udi and that also from Shirdi ,last night I had Baba's dream in which I saw Udi flowing out of Baba's statue but couldn't understand the meaning of this dream and thought that might be because I received a huge packet of Udi from Shirdi so thats what I am seeing this in dream also but in a different form but then again today (which is Baba's day ) I received another big packet of Udi in the morning ......

Now what should I say I just don't know but I am in tears seeing the love of my father Sai  ,really Baba you are the living god for sure .Baba knew that I don't have much Udi but in spite of that I always courier Udi to those who wants it thats why  I think He did this miracle and now I almost have half kilogram of Udi in my house and that also from Shirdi .

I thought to share this Sai leela with you all because I consider my blog readers as my extended family .You should also feel free in sharing your experiences with all of us just by sending a mail to me on .Baba please bless me with a very selfless heart so that I can help people more then I can .
Allaha Malik

                                     Das Ganu Maharaj

Das Ganu Maharaj ,one of the close associates of Baba ,was responsible for the spread of his name and fame in Maharastra through his ballads and discourses .His full name is Ganapat Rao Dattatreya Sahasrabuddhe.He was a constable orderly attached to Chandorkar and had the opportunity to visit Shirdi with Chandorkar and meet Baba .Narasimha Swamiji says that for a long time through Ganu had high regards for Baba ,he could not accept him as God or as his Guru .

Baba brought about a great transformation of his mind although at first it was unwilling submission to Baba's charisma on Ganu's part.When Ganu arrived in Shirdi in 1890 he had little education and was employed as an actor in village dramas in which he played female roles ,dancing and singing .His ambition was to go up the official ladder and become a sub -inspector in the police department.

Baba ,however ,had other plans for him .He was determined that Ganu's character ,calling and work should be totally changed .When Baba told Ganu he must give up his post in the police department Ganu pleaded with him : "Baba let me become a sub -inspector for which I have passed the departmental examination and hold the appointment for atleast a year and thereafter I  will give it up ."Baba told him he would not become a sub -inspector nd he would see to it he did not get the job .From then on Ganu found himself in a number of difficult sittutaions in his official work and it was Baba who got him out of trouble every time .

Baba continued to press him to leave the service and Ganu continued to ask for time .On one occasion Ganu went to a place of pilgrimage outsid his jurisdiction without the permission of his superiors.His fellow constables who were envious of him were about to betray him .

Seeing himself in grave trouble Ganu went to Godavari river and taking some water in his hand called upon Baba to save him .He prayed : " Baba ,let me escape this time .I swear I shall certainly give up my police  service ." ....... To Be Continued >>>>>>>>>

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Anonymous said...

Great experience of Udi.

Ganesh on November 19, 2011 at 11:04 PM said...


You are a blessed child of SAI BABA. Bala fulfils your desire instantaneously ! Happy to read your experience.


Priyanka Rautela on November 22, 2011 at 10:47 PM said...

sairam ganesh brother ,
thanks alot for ur comment !!!

Priyanka Rautela on November 22, 2011 at 10:48 PM said...

@Anonymous jee thanks alot ...all baba's blessings !!!

Anil on November 23, 2011 at 10:04 PM said...

Priyanka Didi SaiRam. Please check my email ID in "Prayer Taken to Shirdi". Line is up and down. My email ID is, not because I found an email like that and saying first was bounch. Didi, kindly correct that up and down lines then no body will be confused. SaiRam
Anil Ranjitkar

Anonymous said...

priyanka didi pls check ur e mail id i ve sent u a mail and waiting for your response


Priyanka Rautela on November 26, 2011 at 10:15 AM said...

shreya ,
i have not received any mail from you ....

Urvi on November 28, 2011 at 11:42 PM said...

Om Sai Ram Priyankaji,
You deserve this kind of experience. Because you are doing great work to posting BABA's stories and lots of. May SAI bless you all happyness.
Did you received my e-mail about Prayer send to Shirdi?
Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Is it didi i have sent to the mail id mentioned in ur personal details

Anonymous said...

Please tell your id didi so that i can send once more i ve sent to gmail one, its sai priya@gmail to this id i ve sent

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