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The Apostles Of Shirdi Sai Baba - Das Ganu Maharaj (Part -II)

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sairam ,
This post of mine is in the continuation to my previous post which was on Das Ganu Maharaj.If you have missed the first part than kindly read here :-

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Shortly after , a village official told him that some dacoits had been found in the village sharing their spoils and he wanted Ganu to arrest them .

Ganu went to the village,arrested the dacoits and seized the booty and returned to his station ,much relieved.When his superiors asked him why he had left the station without permission Ganu got away by saying that he had gone to the village to arrest the dacoits and seize the booty.

On the another occasion ,Ganu was sent along with others to capture a notorious dacoit.Unfortunately before tackling the dacoit ,the dacoit caught hold of him and was about to strangle him.Ganu prayed to Baba :"Save me ,save me ,I will give up the police service ." Suddenly the dacoit let go his hold on Ganu and released him with a warning .

In anther incident Ganu was falsely implicated in a misappropriation case and there was danger of his going to prison .He sent a prayer to Baba again ,as usual promising to resign from the service if he was saved .He told the official who enquired into the charge that he would make up the missing amount and resign from the service .This was agreed to by the official .

Baba thus achieved his aim of getting Ganu out of the police department which he thought stood in the way of Ganu's spiritual progress .Ganu told Baba :"I have now left government service and I and my wife have to stand in the streets as we have no property or income".Baba said "I shall provide for you and your family ,"and he did.In the later years he became a rich man acquiring land and property and he was never in want .Baba advised him to concentrate on his ballads and discourses.Ganu was good in singing kirtans .He had a metallic voice and held big audiences spellbound with his singing which sometimes went on for eight hours.

As he sang or spoke Ganu would keep a picture of Baba by his side and even though his discourse might be on Tukharam ,Navdev or Jananeshwar he would find opportunity to mention Baba and hail his as saint or a Satpurusha whose darshan would be a blessing to anyone who sought it .This resulted in hundreds of people rushing to Shirdi to receive Baba's blessings .

Baba developed Ganu's character and purified it by making him spend his time whenever he went to shirdi in reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam in the temple there .Baba advised all his devotees to recite Vishnu Sahasranama which is chanting of the 1000 names of God.

It is believed that this chanting will enable a person to get a male issue if he has no issue ,wealth ,if he has no wealth ,power ,fame ,glory and success if he is without these.It will also was away the sins of ages.It is also said that the repetation of one name contained in the Sahasranama ,namely Ram ,will be equivalent to the merit of chanting all 1,000 namas.Baba told a woman devotee :Say Rajaram ,Rajaram constantly ,that would remove all troubles and tke you to the Lord." He told another devotee to repeat "Sri Rama ,Jaya Rama,Jaya Jaya Rama"........

to be continued...........

Allaha Malik

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Anonymous said...

Thank you didi,

We eagerly wait for your posts. Reading it calms our minds. May Lord Sai bless one and all.

Om Sai Ram.

Priyanka Rautela on January 2, 2012 at 10:43 AM said...

sairam sister ,thanks alot for ur lovely comment .I will make sure to post more frequently .happy new year to u and ur family .Allaha Malik

Anonymous said...

Dear Priyanki Ji,

Just 2 days back I came across your wonderful SaiSeva website. Really you are blessed to do such a holistic work with the blessings of Sai. Great and thanks for the same as most of the Sai devotees are getting benefited by knowing about HIM.Also I read that anil ji is taking prayers to Shirdi may I know whether prayers has been taken to Shirdi? If not I would like to send mine.

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