Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sai Is My Savior - Sai Devotee

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sairam to all ,
By the grace of my Sathguru Sainath Maharaj I am back after completing all my major responsibilities which were pending since quite a some time also meanwhile my parents and my in-laws came and had a very blissful  stay .My husband had a sudden operation but recovered fully with in ten days time by the grace of Baba.Such up downs are part and parcel of life which should be taken in positive spirit by keeping faith in HIM ....

I have heard many devotees say that they do everything in the right way but still cant get the blessings of Sai but that's not true or may be you can say that I don't believe in this because each of us has certain problems in life but that doesn't mean that we are not blessed or Baba doesn't listen to us ,human life is a coin with two sides of it - one side has happiness and other side has problems .It depends largely upon us to keep the positive side up all the time and to do that we need to train our minds and in order to do that we need to develop the attitude of positivity and when our positivity meets our inner soul it give birth to spiritualism but for that we need consistent training because we have already trained our minds in an incorrect way .Not knowing the art of action .

Let me explain it with a small but practical example that if each one of us is given a car and we don't know how to drive yet we drive anyway ,what would be the condition on the roads ? The cars would certainly collide .This seems to be the pattern of life that we lead .Every one of us is a vehicle .We know how to go forward .This intellect is very powerful guide when used correctly .But nobody knows how to control the mind's energy and direct it properly ,or guide it to the right destination and our right destination is to follow the teachings of Baba .

We must control our minds and pour it into positive activities ,try it and you will discover a new energy within yourself,when you will learn the art of stopping the dissipation and when you will be able to fix your entire energy on HIS teachings then a great joy will start welling up in your mind .The joy cannot be taught it can only be experienced by an individual .So from today onwards stop being mean and self centered ,train your mind and do good to others believe you in me that your future will be totally changed by Baba and you will never feel away from His blessings but before blaming Him take out few minutes and recollect what wrong you did to others .Once you will have self realisation then only you can start this training and can be happy for sure .

Now read the experience of a Sai devotee from Dubai ,she wants her identity  to be confidential .Thanks sister for taking out time and sharing these beautiful leelas of Baba with all of us .
Jai Sairam
Allaha Malik

I am staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai  Baba .He helped me in each and every situation in my life which was full of difficulties and challenges .Here I would like to share few of my experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba with all of you .

My experience No .1:-

 I am staying in Dubai on am  employment visa and not my husband's visa .As because  I am here on employment visa so I have to strictly adhere to the rules of my employer as well as my co workers .The management is Pakistani ,so they support only their Pakistani employees which was the root cause of my problems .Suddenly one day they told me to resign saying that its due to recession  ,which made me job less for almost 10 months .

This was the worst time of my life when I had no job ,no money and over that I had to leave my daughter with my parents in India because there was no finances available with me cater for her needs when I was not able to bear the normal day to day expenses .

During this worst time I was trying very hard to get another job nothing was working out in my favour then one day one person from the embassy called me and told me that either I should have a job or else my visa will get cancelled .Now I was in big trouble and started praying to Baba from the core of my heart to do some miracle because my husband cant support me anyhow and Sai  came running to help me as a  result my employer changed his mind and told me to join back but on a half salary .I had no other choice then to accept their condition as at that time I wanted a job without looking at the salary part ,so I joined back .But I only know one thing that Sai got into my employers mind and he reappointed me .

My 2nd Experience :-

One day I wished that if I could get Baba’s Udi from Shirdi but it was not possible as I am staying in UAE then how can I get Udi directly from Shirdi but as we know that Sai listen to your honest desires and thats what happened with me .One of my office friend (she is the only person in my office whom I trust alot )who is also a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba gave me a packet of Udi which she got it from Shirdi ,I was overfilled with joy and was highly thankful to Sai for listing to my desire .

My 3rd Experience :-

As I mentioned earlier that due to heavy financial crises I had to rejoin my company on half salary (2150AED) it was not possible for me to save anything because the salary was very low and the living expenses were high  ,One day here in Dubai I came to know about a person who is very big devotee of Baba  ,he organises Baba's Arti's and Sai Satcharitra parayans once a month ,I also started going to His house once a month for attending these spiritual classes,once this Sai devotee advised me to do Sai Nav Guruwar Vart ( 9 Thursday's )  .

From very next Thursday I started doing these Guruwar varts and did the udhayapan in September 2011 .Just after that I took leave from my office and went to India for vacations .While I was in India I one day a mobile message came stating that my salary has been increased by 4000 AED .Now just imagine how can a employer who chucked me out of his company reappointed me and then increased my salary  to 4000 AED .I only know one thing that its just nothing but purely Baba's Guruwar vrat's miracle.

My 4th Experience :-

Suddenly one day I went back to India in emergency related to my health issues .Here in Dubai medical is very expensive and I also didn't had my medical card here ,so India was the only option left with me .Whenever I use to visit India I always use to inform my uncle in Delhi and he would come to pick me up ,but this time I did not had any baggage with me so I thought not to bother the uncle and do self arrangements for travel .

My house is 3 hours far from the airport and I never been to my house on my own ever ,I was bit nervous because my flight was scheduled to arrive at 4.00 in the morning and its dark also at that time anyhow but I made my plan that I will catch a train for going to my house but then I realised that I have to catch a bus from the airport to reach the railway station and for catching that bus I had to travel almost 2 kms ,and for covering those 2 kms ,I had to hire an auto ....ohh again I was getting tensed thinking of all this and remembered Sai to help me .

Baba came running to help me and my co- passenger who sensed that I am worried about something asked me and told me not to worry ,when we landed in Delhi ,this man dropped me till my bus stand safely ,he did all this in-spite of his own tensions. He was also going in emergency to his house because his father had expired a day before ....But still this wonderful human helped me .Thanks Baba,I know it was you who helped me and made me comfortable .

My 5th experience :-

I mentioned Above that in Dubai I found a Sai devotees house who conduct Sai artis and Sai Satcharitras parayans once a month .After the Arti they distribute prasad to all .His flat and my flat was quite near by but I was shifting to some other location ,so I wanted to have a Baba's murti in my new flat but I dint had one nor I was aware how to get it .So one day I went to this Sai devotees house read one chapter of Sai Satcharitra ,attended the noon arti and ate prasad ,but this desire of having Baba's murti was at the back of mind and suddenly a voice came and said that if you ask for my Murti you will get it .

I was much apprehensive to ask this devotee Baba's murti so I told him that I am going back home as I have to pack my household stuff and by evening I will shift to my new flat ,he wished me luck and asked me if I want  a photograph of Baba ,I said immediately that I wanted  Baba’s statue if you have ,he smiled at me and gave me a beautiful  statue of Sai .In this way Baba came with me to my new house .So these were few experiences of my life where Baba took care of me like a mother dose for her child .

Baba thank you for listing and helping me all the time ,I love you Sai .
Allaha Malik

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful write up, thank you Priyanka ji welcome back back.

Beautiful experiences sister, thanks for sharing.

Jai Sai Ram

Gaurav on June 15, 2012 at 12:10 PM said...

Allah Malik hai...........
Ham kuch nahi bhi karte hai Baba hi karte hai.
Hame to bas unhe yaad karna hai...Jaise chote bachche apni maa ko yaad karte hai.....


Gaurav on June 15, 2012 at 12:20 PM said...

Priyanka didi...even i would like to acknowledge the great service you are doing to baba. The experiences of devotees and your posts really help me in my tough times to stay focused on sai baba. Whenever there is some tough situation, i start reading this blog and miracles happen. A small miracle just happened right now. On baba's command i will also post some of these miracles.

May you live long ! Nothing bad will happen in your life, You have well wishes of so many sai devotees who got help....You are blessed !!!

Allah Malik Hai ....Om SAI RAM

Shuba on June 26, 2012 at 9:56 AM said...

Thanks to all who posts their experiences here, which is so enlightening to read! May Sai bless us all! Thanks Priyanka Ji for your wonderful service!

Deva! Sai Deva!

Shashank on July 28, 2012 at 2:01 PM said...

I also have good experiences about Sai Baba. Once I went to sai babas mandir in my area. I took the vibhuti from that mandir. I put it on my head and all my body. At that time all my indriya got stable and i was in a stable condition to do anything.
I have completed my MCA degree with the blessings of Sai Baba inspite of all the jyotish saying how did u complete that degree. This is a great miracle
according to Baba. My decision are all taken by him. I am always relaxed though i dont have a job now

Tushar Katyal on June 3, 2013 at 5:52 PM said...

Sabka malik ek hai ..

love you baba ji =)

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