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Read Sai Satcharitra Everyday -Chapter No.I ,Salutations -- The Story of Grinding Wheat and Its Philosophical Significance.

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sairam ,
Happy Baba's day ! Today is a very special day for me because from today I am starting Sai Nav Guruwar Varats.Time and again many experiences have been posted in this website which speaks about the intensity of  Guruwar Varats and also I have posted Sai Guruwar Varath Katha book in many languages in case if you have missed upon any then you can follow these links and download the book .

Sai Guruwar Varth Katha in English 

Sai Guruwar Varth Katha in Hindi

Sai Guruwar Varth Katha in Malayam

Sai Guruwar Varth Katha in Marathi

From today onwards I will be posting one chapter of Sai Satcharitra daily ,would like my readers to join me and read one chapter daily with me on this website .So I am starting with chapter number one .Enjoy reading the most interesting and meaningful book in the world!!!

Special Request :-I would like to know how many loyal readers are reading one chapter daily with me on this blessed site .Leave your comment below after you finish reading each chapter .

Allaha Malik

                         Shri Sai Satcharitra

Chapter I

Salutations -- The Story of Grinding Wheat and Its Philosophical Significance.

According to the ancient and revered custom, Hemadpant begins the work, Sai Satcharitra, with various salutations.

First, he makes obeisance to the God Ganesha to remove all obstacles and make the work a success and says that Shri Sai is the God Ganesha.
Then, to the Goddess Saraswati to inspire him to write out the work and says that Shri Sai is one with this Goddess and that He is Himself singing His own life.
Then, to the Gods; Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar - the Creating, Preserving and Destroying Deities respectively; and says that Sainath is one with them and He as the great Teacher, will carry us across the River of Wordly Existence.
Then, to his tutelary Deity Narayan Adinath who manifested himself in Konkan - the land reclaimed by Parashurama, (Rama in the Hindi version) from the sea; and to the Adi (Original) Purusha of the family.
Then, to the Bharadwaja Muni, into whose gotra (clan) he was born and also to various Rishis, Yagyavalakya, Bhrigu, Parashara, Narad, Vedavyasa, Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatkumar, Shuka. Shounak, Vishwamitra, Vasistha, Valmiki, Vamadeva, Jaimini, Vaishampayan, Nava Yogindra etc, and also modern Saints such as Nivritti, Jnanadev, Sopan, Muktabai, Janardan, Ekanath, Namdev, Tukaram, Kanha, and Narahari etc.
Then, to his grandfather Sadashiv, father Raghunath, his mother, who left him in his infancy, to his paternal aunt, who brought him up, and to his loving elder brother.
Then, to the readers and prays them to give their whole and undivided attention to his work.
And lastly, to his Guru Shri Sainath - an Incarnation of Shri Dattatreya, Who is his sole Refuge and Who will make him realize that Brahman is the Reality and the world an illusion; and incidentally, to all the Beings in whom the Lord God dwells.

After describing in brief the various modes of devotion according to Parashara, Vyasa and Shandilya etc., the author goes on to relate the following story:
"It was sometime after 1910 A.D. that I went, one fine morning, to the Masjid in Shirdi for getting a darshan of Sai Baba. I was wonder-struck to see the following phenomenon. After washing His mouth and face, Sai Baba began to make preparations for grinding wheat. He spread a sack on the floor; and thereon set a hand-mill. He took some quantity of wheat in a winnowing fan, and then drawing up the sleeves of His Kafni (robe); and taking hold of the peg of the hand-mill, started grinding the wheat by putting a few handfuls of wheat in the upper opening of the mill and rotoated it. I thought ‘What business Baba had with the grinding of wheat, when He possessed nothing and stored nothing, and as He lived on alms!’ Some people who had come there thought likewise, but none had the courage to ask baba what He was doing. Immediately, this news of Baba's grinding wheat spread into the village, and at once men and women ran to the Masjid and flocked there to see Baba's act. Four bold women, fro m the crowd, forced their way up and pushing Baba aside, took forcibly the peg or handle into their hands, and, singing Baba's Leelas, started grinding. At first Baba was enraged, but on seeing the women's love and devotion, He was much pleased and began to smile. While they were grinding, they began to think that Baba had no house, no property, no children, none to look after, and He lived on alms, He did not require any wheat-flour for making bread or roti, what will He do with this big quantity of flour? Perhaps as Baba is very kind, He will distribute the flour amongst us. Thinking in this way while singing, they finished the grinding and after putting the hand-mill aside, they divided the flour into four portions and began to remove them one per head. Baba, Who was calm and quiet up till now, got wild and started abusing them saying, "Ladies, are you gone mad? Whose father's property are you looting away? Have I borrowed any wheat from you, so that you can safely take the flour? Now please do this. Take the flour and throw it on the village border limits." On hearing this, the women felt abashed and whispering amongst themselves, went away to the outskirts of the village and spread the flour as directed by Baba.
I asked the Shirdi people - "What was this that Baba did?" They replied that as the Cholera Epidemic was spreading in the village and this was Baba's remedy against the same; it was not wheat that was ground but the Cholera itself was ground to pieces and pushed out of the village. From this time onward, the Cholera Epidemic subsided and the people of the village were happy. I was much pleased to know all this; but at the same time my curiosity was also aroused. I began to ask myself - What earthly connection was there between wheat flour and Cholera? What was the casual relation between the two? and how to reconcile them? The incident seems to be inexplicable. I should write something on this and sing to my heart's content Baba's sweet Leelas. Thinking in this way about this Leela, my heart was filled with joy and I was thus inspired to write Baba's Life - The Satcharita.
And as we know, with Baba's grace and blessing this work was successfully accomplished.

Philosophical Significance of Grinding

Apart from the meaning which the people of Shirdi put on this incident of grinding wheat, there is, we think, a philosophical significance too. Sai Baba lived in Shirdi for about sixty years and during this long period, He did the business of grinding almost every day - not, however, the wheat alone; but the sins, the mental and physical afflications and the miseries of His innumerable devotees. The two stones of His mill consisted of Karma and Bhakti, the former being the lower and the latter the upper one. The handle with which Baba worked the mill consisted of Jnana. It was the firm conviction of Baba that Knowledge or Self-realization is not possible, unless there is the prior act of grinding of all our impulses, desires, sins; and of the three gunas, viz. Sattva, Raja and Tama; and the Ahamkara, which is so subtle and therefore so difficult to be got rid of.
This reminds us of a similar story of Kabir who seeing a woman grinding corn said to his Guru, Nipathiranjana, "I am weeping because I feel the agony of being crushed in this wheel of wordly existence like the corn in the hand-mill." Nipathiranjana replied, "Do not be afraid; hold fast to the handle of knowledge of this mill, as I do, and do not wander far away from the same but turn inward to the Centre, and you are sure to be saved."

Bow to Shri Sai -- Peace be to all

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Priyanka Rautela on July 12, 2012 at 12:11 PM said...

sairam ,
I have finished reading this first chapter of sai satcharitra ..have you ? leave you comment here dear devotees .

Gaurav on July 12, 2012 at 2:33 PM said...

First of all congratulations for starting the Sai Nav guruwar vrat which is amazing. I am on my 4th thursday today with the same vrat. I also read one chapter of Sai satchcharitra almost daily. Right now i have not read it in the blog but with baba's grace i would start reading it on your blog from today.

Om sai ram...Allah malik hai.

rohan on July 12, 2012 at 4:08 PM said...

om shiv sai,today i read this chapter praying for a friend of mine who is fighting between life n death lying in the hospital due to a major accident yes' request to all the readers to pray for his life ,as the doctors have left hopes.As we all believe tht our Sai can do nething.

Gaurav on July 12, 2012 at 5:57 PM said...

Om sai ram. The first chapter is done.

Allah malik hai.

Anonymous said...


I finished reading first chapter of sai satcharitra.Today i have completed my Nav guru var vrat.Please pray for me so that my wish gets fulfilled.actually i have not distributed books coz here no one knows shirdi sai baba and if i give to them they just laugh away or would misplace the books without any respect.And i do not want to give such holy books to the persons who dont know its value or respect for Baba.Regarding Anna daan i give some amount to sai temple or shirdi to do anna daan on my behalf.So i am confused if Sai would forgive me for these.Please pray for me sai sisters and brothers so that sai forgive me and my prayer is answered soon.

Om Sai Ram.

Urvi on July 12, 2012 at 10:02 PM said...

Om Sai Ram Priyankaji,
First of all, I would like to say thank you for this wonderful work. In that way, BABA reminds us to read SAI Satcharitra. I have just finished my reading.
May BABA bless you every thing.
Happy BABA's day
Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Sai brother Rohan not worry Sai Maa will save your friend ....have faith in baba and promise to visit shirdi once your friend gets well ... i am sure baba is there for eeryone sai ram ...

Ravi said...

Om Sri Sai Ram.

Thank u.

Gaurav on July 13, 2012 at 9:09 PM said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have a suggestion for you if it helps. If you can not distribute the books to your neighbours then send the books via courier to the people you know would like to have them and respect it. I have sent two such books to my sister and other people who do not live near me, but nevertheless you can always make them aware about the importance and value of this vrat and ask them if they want to have it. If they say yes then send couriers to them if you can.

Om sai ram ...Allah Malik hai...

Anonymous said...

My nephew met with an accident and was admitted on sunday. His chances were very less and I did not know what to do as it was touch and go. On Thurs when I was going to catch an auto to go to the hospital I Thought of baba to help me, and lo behold I got an auto which had babas photo behind the drivers seat. Somehow the conversation started and the driver told me to make 5 packets( total 10 rotis) of 2 rotis each and sabji and give to the really hungry along with water to drink. He said doing this will remove/protect one from all the ills that befall on a person. Whatever questions I had in my mind he was answering without me asking. (Unfortunately I realized this later). When I got off He told he will meet me again and that he stays around 2 kms from my place. I told my brother-in-law of what he said and we did that on Fri. The first good news that he is out of danger we got it then. And every day things just kept getting better. Later I realized there is a baba temple in the very same place that he said he stays which I have been intending to go to but did not, and also that it was a miracle how he was answering whatever queries I was having in my mind without asking. I am sure it was baba who had come that day and thanks to him My nephew who had 3 fractures in his head and 15 on his face is on a road to speedy recovery. He got discharged from the hospital in 27 days and the docs were shocked at the speed and said he is really blessed to have got out of this without any lifelong damage. When I went to the temple to thank him, I felt that he wants me to tell all his devotees to give food to the really hungry. So I take it as his message and would like if all spread it so that it reaches one and all. The imp words he used were:- make the rotis with your hands thinking about baba and give( not buy readymade food). Give with your hands ( not send it thru someone else) Do it even when all is well. This made me think that if all his devotees do this, there would not be any hungry soul on this earth. Maybe that was his purpose. Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

I finished readi g
Please pray for my mom she is in ICU may sai grant her speedy recovery.

Gaurav on August 6, 2012 at 6:35 PM said...

Nice experience Anonymous....

Om sai ram...Allah Malik hai...

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