Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beautiful Sai Leela On My Marriage - Sai Devotee

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, February 21, 2013

This post of mine is almost after the gap of two months which for sure is not good but sometimes one gets too much involved in worldly things ,as something's are almost out of our control and wishes .I won't promise anything which I can't follow but still will try to post as regulary as I can with Babas blessings .

Now without wasting time I am publishing a very nice Sai leela experienced by a Sai devotee.
Allaha Malik

Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesh.
SaiRam Priyanka Didi. May Baba bless you and your family abundantly for the selfless service you are rendering to the society. You are Baba’s chosen one. Needless to say, this blog is the source of great inspiration to us all and helps in boosting our faith and makes us more patient. With Baba’s guidance and inspiration, I would like to share Baba’s Leelas in my life in the recent past.

Please do publish this on your blog with the necessary editing that may be required. Please do not mention my name and email id.My apologies to Baba for the delay in composing this experience. I surrender myself at your Lotus feetand am sure Baba will do the writing for me.

Baba is a boon for us in this age of kali. We as human beings are bound to falter and commit hundreds of mistakes. But Baba is always looking upon us and is always by our side, no matter, whether we know him or not. I would request Sai devotee readers reading this post to refer to my earlier post ‘’ , so as to get a real feel of Baba’s love and the way he plans things of us behind the scenes.

He unwraps the gift that he plans for us without our knowledge, only when the right time comes and then it leaves us spellbound. All that is needed on our part is firm faith in the holy feet of our Guru and God, our most beloved Shri SaiNath Maharaj.

My life was going on smoothly, until it went all haywire due to the crisis mentioned in my earlier post. That is when Baba came into my life. I would rather say and affirm that, am glad the crisis happened, without which I would not have known Baba at all. Baba showered his blessings at the right time. He held my hand all through the difficult and hardest phase of my life.

He was there to comfort me when I cried, to feed me when I did not feel like eating, to make me sleep when I had lost all my sleep. He wiped my tears and brought my smile and my happiness back. He alone set all the things right in my life, made me a better person, worked on my weaknesses, made me realize my mistakes . Baba taught me the right way to lead life and to imbibe good values.

I am still learning from his ‘Sai Satcharitra’ and have a long way to go. And he is the one responsible for my happy days and peace of mind. I owe every bit of this success, peace, joy and happiness to my beloved father Sai. I love you a lot Deva and can never repay this debt. Am a mere human, and so I just surrender myself at your Lotus feet. You please plan my life, be our guardian and guide us to be good human beings. I would like to mention the recent Sai Leela’s now. I seek your blessings Baba and please forgive me if I forget to mention any Leelas.

Baba’s presence felt during each step of my wedding planning and Baba attended my wedding:
It was my earnest desire to present to Baba my first wedding invitation card. I started hunting for a printing press to get the invitation cards printed, but somehow I faced many difficulties in finding a press and finally gave up the idea of getting printed cards. I would say this was Baba’s plan because he had an alternative and wonderful plan.

Baba inspired me to make hand-made cards for him.With his grace, I had a room-mate who was very good at sketching and painting. So, I bought the necessary items and my friend sketched nice pictures of Baba on the card. I managed to draw Ganesh Ji’s picture and decorated the card nicely by writing his many names and wrote a letter to Baba. With Baba’s blessings, another Baba’s devotee took it to Shirdi and offered it on Baba’s Samadhi. I had poured my heart out in the letter and requested Baba with all my love, to definitely attend my wedding..and yes, Baba did attend !

Having sent the invitation to Baba in Shirdi, I was eagerly waiting for some return gift from him from Shirdi. But, the devotee friend came back from Shirdi and conveyed me the good news of having successfully given the card to Baba. However, he did not get anything for me from Shirdi. I was still hopeful of getting something as a return gift from Baba. And it happened ! How could Baba see my hopes being shattered ! He is so so kind and merciful !

 He gave me the most precious and wonderful gift from Shirdi before my wedding ! It so happened that, my friend saw an Oriya ‘Sai Satcharitra’ lying idle in the temple for a few days in the Meditation hall there. And so, she decided to get it for me as I was the only Oriya friend she had. Readers can imagine how happy I must have felt to get this invaluable gift from Baba, and it was a Shirdi Sansthan publication, which meant it was from Shirdi !! How beautiful is Baba’s Leela.

I did not have ‘Sai Satcharitra’ in my mother tongue and used to read the English one. How kind and thoughtful of Baba to give me this best gift before my wedding. I felt blessed. And also, before I left for my wedding to my hometown, my friend gave me many photos of Baba and his UDI
that had come from Shirdi. Baba fulfilled all my wishes and made me felt reassured as I was about to leave for my wedding.

 He was constantly by my side and speaking with his gestures, and boosting my faith that all will go well and that he was blessing me with a happy married life.By Baba’s grace all the preparations went on well, and Baba was besides my Mother all the while boosting her confidence and faith in HIM. My Mother was single-handedly doing all the preparations for the wedding. It was rainy season that time in my hometown and we were scared of rains playing spoilsport.

 But Baba took good care of everything and it hardly rained heavily and mostly at times when we were indoors and did not have any outdoor work and shopping. Baba is so so loving and amazing ! He used to hear us immediately each time we prayed to him, even for the smallest of things.

One of the major issues we had was regarding my Kanyadaan. We were not sure who would do that important ritual for us, as my Dad passed away long back and we are not at all in good terms with our relatives. We were constantly praying Baba to help us and I was asking my Baba, my father Sai to do my Kanyadaan. And yeah, Baba solved this issue too ! Out of the blue, an Uncle (my Mother’s cousin brother) came forward to shoulder responsibilities and to do my kanyadaan. Baba arranged such a loving Maternal uncle for me.

His entire family showered so much of love on me and my family. They did everything they could to make this wedding a success. Their family cooperated with us so well, we never expected this to happen ! And the wonder of wonders was about to come. I was wishing and hoping to see Baba in their home, when I went there a few days prior to the wedding. And I was indeed deligted to see Baba there ! He was signaling that he is behind us all the while, caring for us in all the possible ways. Baba was holding our hand always and he made sure the wedding happened smoothly.

 He was assuring us that my Mom is not alone in arranging her Daughter’s wedding. Rather , it was Baba’s function and he was caring and arranging for it. I will always be indebted to this Uncle and his family for all they did.This Uncle and Aunty did my kanyadaan .

One of the wishes I nurtured since my wedding dates were fixed was to receive Shagun from Baba as my wedding gift (saree, and some suhaag ki nishaani ). I was expecting it would come form a Baba's devotee. But i still hadn't got it. Suddenly, one of our neighbour Aunty who we had not mingled with earlier came ahead on my Mothers request and took charge of all the wedding customs and Puja. I was glad to know she was a staunch Devotee of our Baba.

 The happiest part came when i opened her gift packet. My much awaited Shagun was in it .. she gave me Saree, red bangles, sindoor and turmeric !! What else could i have asked for ! How well Baba planned .. he gave me Shagun on my wedding day itself through his dear Devotee .. Baba filled my heart with delight. He is so sweet. I will always be indebted to my neighbor Aunty and my Baba.

And finally the wedding day came and I had earnestly requested Baba to attend my wedding and bless us. As the day proceeded I was busy mingling with the guests, greeting them and seeking their blessings and had completely forgot if Baba came. That is when, one of my friends from college came in with a gift packet, on top of which was affixed a best wishes card with Baba’s photo on it. Words fall short to describe the joy I felt then, and I expressed my sincere thanks to my friend.

 I cried holding that gift and I showed it to my Mom, saying Baba has come to attend the wedding. She was overwhelmed with emotion and tears rolled down her eyes. Baba filled our hearts with joy by attending our wedding and being a part of the celebrations. I got another gift too from one of my school friends, and that was Baba’s photo which am yet to see. It is at my home with my Mother. Baba we love you a lot, you will always be seated in our hearts forever.

I would like to mention another sweet Leela in connection with the wedding. As the wedding preparations were going on, a thought crossed my mind that, how wonderful it would be if Baba’s photo came in my wedding photographs. My Mom and me, we had earnestly invited him to grace the wedding, and so I was wondering what if Baba came and later we could see him clicked in the pictures ! How wonderful it would be ! And Baba heard this one too, though it was just a momentary thought in my mind !

 My wedding took place in Baba’s temple in my hometown and the hall where the wedding rituals happened had a portrait of Baba. Later, when we got to see my wedding album, I was immensely pleased to see Baba’s portrait in the background in our pictures !! It was such a lovely feeling to see my tiny wish getting fulfilled too ! Baba proved that he is listening to us always, no matter how small the wish is or if it is a formal wish or not. He is ever vigilant and knows all our thoughts and works on it. Things get revealed when the right time comes as per the wish of our beloved Baba.

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Gaurav on February 21, 2013 at 8:47 PM said...

Wonderful experience sister. Your experience once again confirms that all we need to have is firm faith in baba and love for him in our hearts, all the other required things follow from this. Baba sabhi ke malik hai....

Om sai ram..

Gaurav on February 21, 2013 at 8:48 PM said...

Priyanka did, Welcome Back !!!

Its really good to see you and your posts again !

God Bless...Om sai ram.

Chandana said...

Om Sai Ram Priyanka Didi !

First of all my regards to You and your family, and i wish you a very happy 2013 ! I am really happy to see my experience posted here today .. Baba's does everything at the right time. I was feeling low since yesterday and was wondering if i lost connection with Baba. I somehow was wishing to see some positive sign, and that came with this post getting posted now. Thanks a billion Didi ! I will always be grateful to you for all your support always.

Love to your Daughter Saina.

Priyanka Rautela on February 23, 2013 at 9:01 AM said...

Thanks n sorry to you chandana for posting ur beautiful experience so late ...I hope you will forgive me .

Priyanka Rautela on February 23, 2013 at 9:02 AM said...

Thank you so much gaurav for ur lovely comments ...Om Sairam .

Chandana said...

Om Sai Ram.

No problem Didi. Baba knows when to do things, and so he made you post the experience at the right time. I was very happy to see my experience posted when i was feeling low. It again came as a wonderful Sai Leela and a big faith booster.

Thanks a lot again Didi.

Baba bless us all.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Hi priyanka ji.. read ur post it was such a delight readind it.. u r so very right our sai always fulfills our dreams be it big or small.. i also talk ti babaji through out the day and he dies guides me with good thoughts .. he us there always looking and protecting us.

Megha Jalan on August 11, 2014 at 12:34 PM said...

Om Sai Ram. May baba bless you always.

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