Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kill Your Faceless Enemy Today With The Help Of Baba

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Sairam to my dear readers ,
Today I am publishing about Arrogance .Sai baba always want His devotees to give up arrogance .That is why I choose to write about this topic today .I am sure who wants to change themselves internally will find this post useful .

Arrogance is our biggest and secret enemy .Its just like Saguni of Maha Bharatha ,it acts as our friend ;but without our knowledge ,surely leads us to fall.We can always manage an open enemy but its very difficult to manage the hidden ,unknown enemy .The faceless enemy called arrogance blocks our progress at-least slows it down considerably .

An arrogant mentality does not allow people to recognize good things in others ,to respect the talents of others,or to congratulate them on their achievements .It leads most people to ruin .It prevents us from adjusting with others and accommodating their interests.

Now you might ask then what should you do ? Dear readers it doesn't  really take much of your efforts if your determination is firm .We should follow good principles in life .Do your duty without expecting any returns.Then only our life will be prosperous.
Where ever good things exist and who ever possess good qualities ,we should not hesitate to learn and follow them .

Suppose we have four good qualities with us and meet a person with some two other good qualities .We should quickly absorb them and practice then the good qualities will be six .Then we see another person with yet another good quality and we absorb it and it becomes seven .Like wise if keep on adding good qualities from others then we be filled with a lot of good qualities and these qualities will act like stepping stones in your life and spiritual journey .

But on the contrary if we refuse to respect others and learn from them .We will be left only with the four good qualities we have ,until our death there will not be much progress in our life .

Think about it deeply and promise yourself that you will kill your internal enemy as soon as possible  .Ask Sai to help you and you will see that soon your life will change for good and you will feel more connected to Baba. Never forget old Hindi proverb "मैं हू तो हरी नहीं और हरी है तो मैं नहीं " 

English translation : "If you have "I" (arrogance) in you then you cannot have me and if you have me with you then "I"(arrogance)can never stay with you .

Whatever is written above is also applicable on self ,in fact writing about Baba ,His teachings and experiences of His devotees make me much better person then I was.So if you want to share anything which spreads Leelas of Baba ,goodness and help others to become better human then you are most welcome to send me in my mail id and I will share it on this website.

Allaha Malik


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Anonymous said...

Hello Priyankaji,
Unbelievable, Baba read my mind and Help in form of your post. I am blessed.Thank you so much for your lovely post

PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on July 3, 2013 at 8:27 AM said...

dear urvi,
i am happy that this post has helped you in some way which is not known to others but very wel known to our loving saimaa.
allaha malik

snoopy on July 11, 2013 at 6:39 PM said...

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M.Dhana sri M.Dhana sri on January 14, 2017 at 8:46 AM said...

Baba always helps me in one or the other way and makes me cheer up

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