Thursday, February 6, 2014

Miracle Of Sai Guruwar Vrat - Got My Lost Job .

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, February 06, 2014
Sairam ,
Happy Babas Day to all my readers .Each one of us wants some or the other thing from Baba ,some want peace ,some want money ,job ,promotion ,happy married life ,children some ask for good health etc ...list seems to be endless and the moment one wish is fulfilled we already have another list ready .Till the time Sai is doing as you wish He is becomes the most miraculous god ,most liked god and your everything but the moment Baba doesn't work according to how you want Him to then you start loosing your faith and then you completely forget what all Baba did for you in past .

Actually we all have became very selfish and want even God to act according to our likes and dislikes .We should not forget that whatever He dose for us is the best thing for us because He is almighty who knows whats good and bad for His children ,so have faith that no matter whatever is going in your life is for your good .Once you start thinking like this everything will be good in your life because you have full faith in Baba and His leelas .

Here is one very beautiful Sai leela I am sharing with you without telling the name of devotee as it was desired .

Sairam Priyanka sister,

 I am a Sai devotee since past many years and have deep faith in Baba ,He has been very kind on me and showed me many miracles and leelas in my life actually there is so many leelas I have to share with you all but today I am sharing the most recent Leela of Baba in my life .I am presently working in one good IT multi national company (MNC),I am sure all of us knows how I.T field works generally people change their company if they get good and better offer from other company .

I did exactly the same although it was very unfortunate but then at that time I thought that i was doing the best thing to my career .The moment I got the better offer from the other I.T company I left my company and with immediate effect I joined this new company without any good reasons .All this happened five months back .After joining this new company it didn't took long for me to realise the mistake I had made by leaving my well settled job ,I was highly uncomfortable in this new company but now nothing I could do to rectify my mistake .

Day and night I was thinking about the big mistake I did and my life became very stressed .I started praying to Baba to forgive my mistake and show me the right path .I started doing Sai Nav Guruwar Vart ,You will be surprised to know that on the last Thursday of Varat I suddenly got the message from my previous employer .He asked me if I am interested to rejoin the company .Oh my god I was so happy and said yes immediately .Its hard to express my love for Baba but really its all because of my Sai I was called to rejoin.

I strongly suggest everyone to do Sai Nav Guruwar Varat ,its very miraculous and easy too but do with faith.
Soon I will share more such wonderful leelas of Baba which happened in my life .

Note :- Send your experiences directly to my mail id :-saipriya(dot)rautela(gmail)

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