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Sai Reunite You With Your Loved Ones - Experience By Sister Saba Khan

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sairam to all readers ,
When we develop our own spiritual health with our reflection the things around us will also change and the change will be in our favour .The outside world is a mirror of ourselves because it is very much ruled by condition of our inner world ,if you are strong spiritually no force can harm you have faith in Sai and do your best to help others no matter in a big or a small way ,help is help .When we extend our helping hands for others Baba automatically pulls us out when we are in need ,dont wait for others to start first .Be the leader and start doing it from today ,its never too late to start something new and specially when it comes to service to mankind

Now as promised today I am sharing a very beautiful experience of Sister Saba Khan from Muzaffar Nagar as how she got married with her boyfriend Randeep Arora by the grace of Baba .Here I am attaching her mail .

Om Sai ram ,
Dear priyanka didi ,
Its been long since I have seen any updates on your website then also with lots of hope I regularly open up your site but I am disappointed that you no longer post any thing having no way out I thought to write to you because I tried my best to get your phone number arranged but was failed .

Didi I want to share with you as how Baba helped me and my boyfriend (now husband ) reunite ,kindly publish my experience whenever you have time .You can put my name as now we are a happy one family and no one will mind in our families .I and my boyfriend met in year 2009 in a Medical collage ,I am a Muslim and my boyfriend is a Punjabi Hindu .In the ice breaking party we met I was in my first year of MBBS and he was in the final year .We had a brief introduction and that was the end that day .

There was a lot of ragging in our collage and seniors use to really bully us for small small things sometimes even without any issues ,I was very shy since my childhood and that is still in my nature I cant gel with people very soon it takes a lot of time for me to get friendly .Whenever the seniors use to bully me I use to end up crying ,one day I was sitting and crying because of the same issue and at that time a senior came and sat near me and started to console me when I looked up I hardly recognized him but I was sure that he is a senior .He asked me as whats the matter and I just pored out my heart and he and I sat for 2 hours.In-fact we both missed our classes that day .We did exchanged our family details ,hobbies ,what we intend to do after MBBS …and so on .

After that day we became good friends my eyes use to keep looking for Him in the collage it was the same way from his side too.One year with him in collage flew away and finally it was time to say goodbye but  not forever we by then decided that once I will complete my MBBS we will get married .We both knew heart and heart that our families will not be easy to handle because of our religions but for us it was never a problem .I was very much like him and he was very much like me .Our religions never came in between our any sort of issues .

He left for his PG in United States while I was still studying my MBBS those times calling to USA was very expensive so generally we use to write emails to each other and once a week sometimes twice we use to have calls .Everything was going very smooth and we were sure that our future plans will be executed very smoothly without much hassles . In 2012 I also passed my MBBS and too went to America for my PG we both were in the same state and hired an apartment and started to live in a live-in relationship our respective families had no idea about our staying together .Anyways life was beautiful with him around and we were having very good time together .

One day he received a letter from his home saying that his father was not well and was admitted to Hospital so he was called for few days to India .He promised me to come back as soon as possible being the only son he had to leave with immediate effect .I was fully sure that he will go look after his fathers health and will be back soon and again we will lead a normal life but nothing like his happened .After he left for India for about 20 days I did not receive any calls nor reply to my emails .Now I started to get worried because I had absolutely no clue as whats going on there with him .one day at night about 2 am I received a call from him and he was sounding very worried and low and told me that his father was never unwell nor was admitted to hospital it was the trick played by his family to call him back because they got to know that he was staying in a live-in relationship with a Muslim girl that’s me .

He belonged to a very educated family but still they were very old fashioned and could never accept there only son planning to have a life with a girl and that also with a Muslim girl .He told me that soon his family will get him married and I should try to forget him because he failed in all the ways of convincing his family specially his mother .I was zapped to hear all this and couldn’t speak anything ,he disconnected the phone saying that he loves me a lot but there is nothing much he can do now.Later that night I wrote an email to him saying that I am leaving the apartment  where we were staying and shifting to a new place within a day or two ,so he can come back with his wife .I also wrote that it can never happen that I can forget you but will try to manage myself .I wished him a very happy married life and happiness .

Believe me I was broken  through and through and was confined to a nutshell within me .I stopped going to collage nor I went out for many days ,my routine was to cry ..cry n cry.I use to keep seeing our old pictures,greeting cards and letters …there was this one point when I also thought to end my life because there was nothing much left in life which could give me happiness .I didn’t even spoke to my family for a month. After 45 days I called my parents and told them everything about our relationship and the present situation .My family is very supportive they just told me to have faith in God and took the promise to keep them in picture of the situation .At that time I started to read about Sai Baba and His different ways to reunite with the love ones .I visited almost all the websites which are dedicated to Baba then one fine day I came across your site and requested you to send me Sai Sathcharitra  and Udi of Baba which you had sent me without delay for which I will be always thankful to you Priyanka didi .

Once I received the  Sai Sathcharitra I started to read it with lots of faith and the only wish I had was to get the love of my life back .4 months passed like this and I was little stabilized then before because I use to get strength from reading Sai Sathcharitra .One day I received a call from India and to my surprise it was him on the other side ,he asked me my new address and ended the call .I couldn’t understood as why he took my address then I thought may be he wants to send me his marriage invitation card .I kept my faith in Baba and days passed .On 20th Feb 2015 my door bell ranged and when I went to open the door I found him standing on the door with a huge flower bouquet and lots of chocolates .we hugged each other like never before .

When I asked him how was his marriage and where is his wife he said that he never got married in spite of all the efforts of his parents and declared that he will stay single for life if they cannot accept you as there daughter-in-law ,there was a lot of fight and drama but then one day his mother visited a  Sai Baba Mandir with his aunt where she felt something which transformed her heart and she came home and told me that you can go back to America and get your friend here as soon as possible and in the mean time she will try to convince my father and other relatives of family .I was very shocked as my mother was the one who was  dead against to this marriage .

I couldn’t believe to what he was telling me . I told my boyfriend  about  my newly developed faith in Saibaba and we both were fully convinced that its all because of His blessings that his mothers heart got transformed and we were together again .Next day we both went to a Sai temple which was like 50 miles away from our house and thanked Baba for helping us reunite in such a strange way which no one can imagine .After a weak we both left for India ,when we reached his house his family specially his mother met me with so much of love and affection that it was hard for me to believe she ever hated me ,I was loved like a child in his house after about two days we all left for my house in Muzaffar Nagar  and then we had very lavish marriage that also according to the traditions of both the Religions .

We are happily married couple and we both are ardent devotees of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba .This year in May we were blessed with a beautiful daughter by the grace of Baba .Once in every 6 months we also keep Sai bhajan  here in USA and there are lots of our friend who are not Indian but still they have faith in Baba and we also try to help poor people back in India with medical and financial needs .Today whatever we are its all because of Baba .I thought to share my life changing experience with all the Sai devotes because I managed to live at the time of stress just by reading the experiences of others so I took it as my moral responsibility to share even mine so that it may save many more lives and faith in Baba.

Allaha Malik 


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rajiv on December 26, 2017 at 5:37 AM said...

om sai ram

rush Rush1 on December 29, 2017 at 1:22 AM said...

It was so emotional reading ur life changing experience dear sis saba .. baba Bless u n ur family with love n happiness

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